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Hernia Surgery Testimonial by Rammie Mikhail

The first 2 surgeries were very painful. I can remember it, every moment of that, I can remember it. With Dr. Choudhry's surgery, I honestly did not feel that same level of discomfort at all. There was very little discomfort.

Breast Cryoablation Testimonial by Brooke Krivokucha

It was a great alternative to traditional surgery and I love that this was a smaller clinic. It was a place where I knew the faces, I knew the doctor. I came and I saw Dr. Choudhry and after visiting with him, he had a solution very quickly.

Gallbladder Testimonial by Ben Rangel

The experience that I had with the procedure was very little pain, just small incisions, it didn't really bother me that much. He (Dr. Choudhry) gave me presciptions for the pain, I didn't take one of them because it didn't come up.


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